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sourin fanmix - for love’s sake
{listen} dedicated to paradigmation 

tracklist -

I. vanilla twilight + owl city II. prove you wrong + he is we III. take me home + us IV. say something (ft. christina aguilera) + a great big world V. like we used to + a rocket to the moon VI. when we were young + the summer set VII. all about us (ft. owl city) + he is we VIII. there’ll be spring + diamonds on the street 

bonus: harbour + vienna teng

(Source: haruka-kun)



rocky horror is the worst and is also transmisogynistic can we please finally get over this shit movie

ok but like the writer is transgender nonbinary and the language used in the play was the preferred language by trans people of that time can we not deny parts of our history because we’ve evolved since then thanks

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